David Wygant

About David Wygant:

David has real-world dating and relationship experience that he uses to help his clients, both men and women, alter their love life. He’s the author of “Always Talk to Strangers: 3 Simple Steps to Finding the Love of Your Life as well as numerous products on dating, relationship and sex for both men and women.

He’s been the guest on over 1200 radio shows, numerous appearances on TV – Inside Edition, ABC news to name a few – and has been featured in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, New magazine and many more.

Articles by David:


Meeting Women: Get Over Rejection Immediately (2:18)

Pickup Women: The Number One Technique That Works Every Time (1:17)

How to Converse With People – Appearance on KTLA5 (6:47)

Products for Men:

Online Dating Secrets
If you’re not getting the results you want with online dating or don’t know how to start, learn from someone who knows. David provides 5 jam-packed hours of video with live coaching, demos and advice into his Secrets of Online Dating. He talks you through what he is doing and why. Watch the five preview video clips and learn a few tips about subject lines, why you must think outside the box and more… David works with both men and women to transform their love lives – so he’s seen what works and doesn’t work from both sides. Find out more at: Online Dating Secrets

Guys Guide To Texting
You met her, now should you follow-up with a text or call her? If you text her, what should you say so you avoid mistakes men tend to make? In a “Guys Guide to Texting” you’ll get audio version as well as an ebook version. Find out more at: Guys Guide To Texting

Become A Master Communicator
Instead of learning lines and scripts to use when approaching women, learn how to start a conversation based on the situation. Not only will your confidence increase, which in itself is attractive, but you’ll also have a skill you can use in all aspects of your life. Check out the seven audio and video samplers at: Become A Master Communicator

Girls Tell All
Want to know what women really feel about flirting, sex, online dating, how to approach them and more? Listen in as David gets women to reveal all in over 7 hours of audio. Find out more: Girls Tell All

Men’s Mastery Series
Ready to master your dating life, cultivate your confidence, become a master communicator, attract woman to you, and understand women? In the “Men’s Mastery Audio Series,” you’ll receive 12 volumes of material totaling 15.5 hours of audio. Check out what you’ll learn here: Men’s Mastery Series