Dating Experts

By now you’ve likely come across dozens of people claiming to know what works with meeting and dating the opposite sex.  The choices can be overwhelming.

We’ve reviewed a number of products from various dating experts. If you click on their name, in the list below, you’ll be taken to their expert page on our site. We’ve included a brief bio about them, some of their products (of which we’re an affiliate), and some videos and/or articles to give you a taste of their style. If we have completed a review of their product, you’ll see a link for that. If not – it will say – review* coming. We’ll be adding more experts to this list. If your favorite isn’t listed, let us know.

For Women

  • Christian Carter – author of “Catch Him and Keep Him”
  • Evan Marc Katz – former customer support at, published author, dating and relationship coach. Founder of E-Cyrano – a profile writing service.

For Men

  • Dave M – creator of the Insider Internet Dating system
  • Eben Pagan (aka David DeAngelo) – creator of series of dating and relationship products. Also well-known and respected internet marketer with numerous marketing products and programs.
  • Michael Webb – author of multiple ebooks on dating, relationships and sex.
  • David Wygant – dating coach and creator of multiple products on dating and personal development

For Both

  • Gay and Kathleen Hendrick – coming soon

* Our Review Criteria

When reviewing a product, those which get our highest praise meet these criteria:

  1. The material is respectful of women and men. Some of the products for men that are available, for instance, view women as objects to get.
  2. Men and women are taught long-lasting skills vs situation-based tactics. For instance, learning how to start and carry on a conversation with anyone is a skill that can be used your entire life vs pick-up lines.
  3. It supports men and women to be their best, to be authentic.

That’s just where I’m coming from. You may feel differently. It’s not good, right, bad, or wrong – it just is.