Dating Photo Ads

Really Want To Get Noticed? Post a Photo!

To post or not to post a photo – that is the question. If you’re wondering if its worth it to include a photo with your profile consider these statistics: The Lavalife dating site states that you’re more likely to receive a message if you have a profile photo while Friendfinder states you’ll triple the number of responses you receive.

Those with a high profile or visible career or those with personal reasons may need a higher degree of confidentiality and may choose not to post a photo. Before you go and dig out that blurry photo from your last party, here are six tips for finding the best picture.

  1. Is Your Picture in Focus?
    Who do you think is serious about dating? Person A with the blurry photo or person B with the professional looking photo? Hmm… Photos tell a lot about a person in addition to how they look. Consider getting a couple of photos taken by a professional.
  2. Does Your Photo Reflect Your Profile
    Ideally, your photo should reflect the message in your profile. If you’re a funny and laid back guy and want to be seen this way, then a serious or very formal photo won’t cut it. Have the picture reveal who you really are.
  3. Can You Be Seen in Your Photo?
    Make sure people can see your face. Use a head shot photo if you can. While the picture of you skiing may be a favorite, use it as a secondary picture if the site you’re using has an area for extra photos. If you’re with a group of friends, it may be hard to figure out which is you and its your smiling face that potential dates are interested in – not your friends. Besides, your friends may not want pictures of themselves online!
  4. When Was Your Photo Taken?
    Use a recent photo of you. No use trying to look ten years younger or older as your date will find out eventually. You want them to see you for who you really are, don’t you? Why try to fool them only to have them find out later and feel betrayed? That would be a damaging start to a friendship or a relationship.
  5. Is The Photo Of You?
    Do we really need to say this?! This actually happened to a fellow I met online. After exchanging a series of online correspondence with a woman they decided to meet. Suddenly she had excuses for why she couldn’t meet. Finally she confessed she had used a picture of a friend instead of her own. If you’re doing the online dating thing so you can meet someone in person, just use your own picture. Otherwise you’re wasting other peoples’ time as well as your own.
  6. Is Your Picture Appropriate?
    If you’re in a dating site, its best to use a close-up picture of your face. Only use more provocative or revealing photos in intimate or adult sections, as per their guidelines.

Do you have more than one picture? Most dating sites allow you to upload more than one picture to the site. Some will rotate your profile photo while others will store them in a backstage area and let you choose who can see them.