Dating Profile Tips

In order to get noticed and stand out from the other men, your dating profile has to be unique and compelling. It has to be unmistakeably yours. So much so that if your best friend read it – they would instantly know it was you. If not… you’ve got some editing to do…

Here are four dating profile tips to get you started:

Profile Tip #1: Be Specific

Most dating profiles are general in nature. If you scan through a bunch of them, they sound like a broken record. “I love to travel.” So do a lot of the other guys! The question is: how can you make that more specific and unique?

What about… “I love to travel to places I find by throwing a dart at a map of the US hanging on the wall. It’s fun asking locals where to eat and what to see. It would be more fun if you were exploring the city with me.”

Instead of saying “I enjoy cooking” you could say… “I love using fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market in the dishes I make. One week it may be Italian, the next Greek. Imagine you enjoying a glass of wine and breathing in the aroma of the bubbling sauces. Are your taste buds watering yet?”

You get the idea…

Profile Tip #2: Post a Photo

People who post photos get more responses than people who don’t. Are you more likely to look at a profile with a photo or without? If you’re like most people… I’d venture to say you prefer photos.

The search function of most dating sites allow you to search only for profiles with photos. If you don’t have a photo and someone chooses this option, your profile will not show up in the search results. Some people try to get around this by posting a photo of their pet or one where they are so small you can’t really see them.

If someone doesn’t post a photo or posts a tiny one, that makes me think that:

  1. they don’t like how they look,
  2. they’re not the body type or age they say they are in their profile, or
  3. they’re hiding for some reason.

If you’re in a profession or situation where posting a photo would jeopardize your safety or your job, then don’t. Bottom line: If you’re serious about meeting someone online, and it’s safe to do so, post a photo.

Profile Tip #3: Formatting and Spelling

Try to keep your paragraphs short – just two to three sentences – as it makes your profile much easier to read. Use punctuation! If the first block of text in your profile is 10 sentences of run-on sentences, the next move she’ll make will be to click to the next profile.

I know this sounds really picky but this can really turn some women off. Want a hint? Are you looking for your soul mate or your sole mate? Yep. You guessed it. Spelling errors.

If your profile is riddled with spelling errors, a potential date could perceive you as being too lazy to use the spell check in your word processing program. If they think you’re too lazy here, that leads to where else are they lazy?

If English is your second language, use spell check or ask a friend to check your spelling for you. I’ve even read profiles where the guy has teasingly said, I checked my spelling but if you find an error, let me know…

Profile Tip #4: Celebrate Who You Are

Women tend to lie about their weight online and men about their height.* While it may be tempting for someone 5’4″ to say they’re 5’9″ – in case women specify a height as a search parameter – there are other options. Take a look at this short video below to see how a guy turned his lack of height into an asset in his profile.

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