How to Be Unforgettable At First Meeting

By David Wygant

Did you ever wonder what it takes to really intrigue a woman when you approach her? I mean, what is it that women REALLY want a guy to do when he walks up and talks to her?

Ever wonder what makes women respond positively to one guy who approaches them … and respond, uh – not so positively to another? Well wonder no more!

There is something ALL women crave in any meeting they have with a man. It’s the men who understand this who are the men who become UNFORGETTABLE to women, and are the men women can’t wait to tell all their friends about over and over again!

So what is this thing? I’m going to tell you right now, so keep reading.

Women are always talking about one thing. If you go out with a group of women and one of them has a new boyfriend, they are ALWAYS always talking about this one thing.

Let’s say the new boyfriend is meeting the group of friends for the first time. Everyone has been introduced politely, and then all of a sudden one of the friends will ask, “So how did you guys meet? Tell us the story!”

They have probably heard the story at least a thousand times, BUT they want to keep hearing it. WHY? Because they want it to happen to them.

No, they don’t want THAT guy to happen to them. They want THAT ROMANCE to happen to them. Women are all about this great romance.

So the woman will start this long story: “Oh, I was in Borough Market waiting in line at Monmouth Coffee Company like I do every single Saturday. All of a sudden this cute guy and I ordered a latte at the very same time. I looked at him and he said to me, ‘Jinx!’ I laughed, and then we both got our coffees …”

It’s the kind of story that they tell a million times. “Oh my God, I was in the market buying my usual tea, and I dropped the box. This guy picked it up for me and told me I was a klutz, and he hasn’t stopped calling me that since!”

So are you starting to get it? It’s ALL about the story to women. They want to have that story to tell their friends all the time about “that guy.”

Do you want to stand out from all the OTHER guys who walk up to women saying the same boring FORGETTABLE things? Do YOU want to be the guy that women are wanting to tell a story about over and over again?

Of course you do. So when you meet women when you’re out and about, be ready to tell that story. Be ready to BE that story. You will be a legend.

If you meet her in line at Monmouth Coffee Company, she will text her friends all day long saying, “You won’t believe what happened to me at the market today! I met this guy…” And the story will go from there.

For women, a romance starts from the second that you meet. I went out with someone recently who remembered exactly where we met. She also remembered what day of the week it was and what was going on around town that day. Women remember details like that.

Men don’t remember things that way. Well, actually we don’t remember a LOT. Ask any man how he met his girlfriend, and you’ll get an answer something like “I don’t know, we just kind of met.”

What you have to remember is that women are WIRED DIFFERENTLY, so when you meet her you want to create that romantic moment for her RIGHT from the start. It’s all about creating an emotion when you first meet a woman.

The way you walk. The way you talk. The first words that come out of your mouth. THESE are the things that a woman will ALWAYS remember … and what determines if you will be that unforgettable guy.

But here’s the WHOLE KEY to this…

It’s NOT what you say, it’s HOW you say it! Create that romantic moment for a woman with your words, and you will be amazed at the response you’ll get.

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