Online Dating Secrets Revealed

By David Wygant

I get literally hundreds of emails from guys who are frustrated and lost when it comes to online dating. They put in the time, they put up what they think is a great profile … and they send out LOTS of emails to women online.

Unfortunately, and despite all of this, a lot of guys see very little success in the online dating world. Why? Sounds like they’re doing everything right, doesn’t it?

Well, the truth is that there are a few cardinal mistakes, and a few *SECRETS* that, if they only knew about them, could save most of these men a LOT of time and frustration. So I’m going to reveal one of the biggest mistakes — and, better yet, one of the biggest SECRETS — to succeeding in online dating.

Remember when I said above about all the guys who send out LOTS of emails to women online (but don’t get a lot of responses)? You would think that just by the law of averages that the more emails a guy sends out, the more responses he proportionately will get. Wrong!

Well, actually, it might be right IF guys were sending out different and unique emails to each of the women. Most guys, however, will create a generic email that they will cut and paste and send to a couple hundred women online.

The truth, and a secret most guys dating online don’t know, is that women NEVER respond to these kind of “generic, cut ‘n paste” emails. (ESPECIALLY those “10s” online that you most want to intrigue!)

These NEVER work! Did I say these never EVER work?! 🙂

Remember that women get hundred of emails a week (and the really hot women get more than that), so if you want to grab women’s attention online you MUST intrigue them.

Let me tell you something else. Women KNOW when you’re sending a cut and paste email. Yes, I’m sorry to tell you that when you send those generic emails you are fooling no one!

Women want to know that you’ve READ their profile. By eliminating the cut and paste emails, and by sending emails to women which show you’ve read their profile, you will make yourself stand out from the majority of other guys online.

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