Why Dating Shouldn’t Feel Like Work

By David Wygant

Do you ever feel like it’s a lot of “work” to meet women? Do you wonder why it has to be so hard? (Here’s a hint – it DOESN’T HAVE TO!)

Most of the men I’ve coached over the last 11 years are men who are sincere and really try to learn the best way to meet women, but still struggle. I hate seeing how frustrated they are!

They tell me how they’ve read everything out there on how to meet women. They’ve done what all the so-called “dating gurus” recommend.

They tell me they’ve tried EVERY “trick,” pick-up line, scripted “routine” and “method” that all these so-called experts claims to work. They may have even (although they are often pretty embarrassed to admit it) gone so far as to have tried some crazy outfit or nickname (It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone if you have).

Yet it still isn’t working and they’re not meeting (and more importantly not ATTRACTING) the kind of women they REALLY want to meet. Worse yet, even if some of these pick-up lines or routines have managed to help them talk to a woman or even get a date with a woman, there are still TWO HUGE PROBLEMS.
These are pretty major ones too.

The first problem is that NONE of these help you do develop real and deep inner confidence. What these methods basically teach you is how to FAKE confidence. The second problem is that ALL of these other methods still leave you chasing after women instead of showing you how to ATTRACT women. Both of these “side effects” are NOT GOOD, and really the two things you most want, right?

Do you ever see guys to whom women just seem to be drawn, and these guys don’t even seem like they’re TRYING? Do you wonder how it is so EASY for some guys to attract women when it feels like it’s so HARD for YOU? Do you wish that meeting women could be less frustrating and more fun?

I HAVE GOOD NEWS. I’m here to tell you that your frustration can come to an end . . . PERMANENTLY!

What I see so many men missing in their approach to learning how to meet and attract women is that they don’t ENJOY THEMSELVES and their life. Yes, this does impact your dating life.

Meeting women is not about memorizing pick-up lines or routines. Being “attractive” starts with you understanding that YOU have the power to be attractive RIGHT NOW!

By creating an amazing lifestyle and being passionate about the things you do, you will start attracting women instead of spending your life chasing them and hoping you’ll connect with them.

Women (and everyone in fact) are attracted to fun, positive, interesting and well-rounded individuals. If you’re miserable or doing things that you don’t enjoy, you are not going to to meet women no matter what system or “method” you use to do it. Makes sense, right?

The reason is that no one wants to meet someone who is miserable or spending their life doing things they don’t like. So before you go out and try to meet women, you need to first figure out how to create a passionate lifestyle for YOURSELF.

Think for a second about the kind of women to whom you are attracted (and remember that we know that most people are attracted to people who are positive, energetic and interesting). Now think about what type of person you are right now.

Are you that positive, energetic and interesting person I just described, or are you someone who is miserable and angry because you FEEL like you can’t meet someone?

It all starts with creating an amazing lifestyle for yourself so that YOU feel great – Do this and you WILL attract amazing women into your life! YOU DESERVE AMAZING WOMEN IN YOUR LIFE!

I want to get you started right NOW on creating your amazing lifestyle, so to help you get started, here are 5 ways that doing so will help you instantly attract more women:

Creating a lifestyle is all about learning to genuinely enjoy your life every day. Do things that you love and enjoy them. Embrace every single moment.

Trust me, by doing these things you will NATURALLY START ATTRACTING WOMEN!

Better yet, you will start attracting them RIGHT AWAY. By being more open, not only will you start talking to more people, but more people will notice your openness and start talking to YOU.

Imagine YOU being that “intriguing guy” women just can’t seem to resist approaching. Imagine YOU never again being nervous or being at a loss for words around women. Imagine KNOWING that you can connect with ANY woman you want, and never worrying about the outcome. Imagine being EXCITED to go out every day and talk to women.

So why continue to chase after women you want to meet when you can start attracting them? YOU have the power within you right now to attract the women you most desire RIGHT NOW and every day!

Create an amazing lifestyle and be passionate about the things you do – you WILL start attracting women. Start taking responsibility for your own dating life, and you’ll start improving it immediately! You deserve to enjoy an amazing dating life.

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