Online Dating Story

This is my story about my first ever in-person date with someone I met on an online dating site. Yes, there are a few more… If you have a true story (about you) that you want to share, please email me or add a comment.

After exchanging messages with a couple men online I had arranged to meet one in person. This was to be my first online date.

The night before we were to meet I watched an episode of “Touched by an Angel.” For those of you who have never watched the show, it revolves around three angels who help people through their crisis or challenge without the people knowing they are angels until the end.

On this particular episode, a young girl plans to meet the young boy she has been conversing with online. Only the young man is actually a predator. When she goes to meet who she thinks is a young boy the man abducts her. Luckily the angels swoop in and save her. All ends well. The moral of the story is obvious to viewers.

Now I’m paranoid about the date I’m about to go out on the next day. I’ve already taken some precautions as we are meeting in a very busy restaurant in a busy part of town. My mind starts to think up all the things that could go wrong… What if something happens? I’m single, who will notice I’m missing? How long will it take before they notice me missing?

I figure I have to come up with a plan to quell my new found fears (which seem incredibly dramatic in hindsight….). A friend and I decide that I should give her the name of my date, his cell phone number, the restaurant we’re going to, and the time I expect to be home. I’m then to call her at that time to let her know I arrived home safely. I doubt I’d have implemented any of these had I not watched that show!

I meet my date the next night and he’s really sweet. He ends up telling me some stories about dating women online… Hint – never send a man (or woman) a picture of someone else if you plan on meeting them in person one day…. I regress…

I called my friend when I got home and all was well. I did implement this plan for the next couple dates letting her know where I was going and called her when I got home.

While it’s good to take precautions, I find it’s important to trust my gut. If something doesn’t feel right about meeting someone, trust that feeling.

Do you have a dating story you want to share? Did you find your love online? Did you meet some great friends? Do you have a funny dating story? A bad dating story? Email me at: info @ I’d love to hear them.

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